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How We Work

Every company needs to differentiate themselves from the competition in some way. For SPC, our commitment to high-quality print and customer service is the differentiator. We consistently receive great feedback from customers on the level of service we provide, and that’s the barometer that will determine our success in delivering value and making it easy to do business with us.

Web to Print

SPC’s Web to Print custom web portals can be a marketer’s best friend and help ease the challenges of marketing/communications execution. If you’re charged with managing different departmental needs for marketing collateral, the procurement process and vendor relations, we may have just the solution for you, all within one custom web portal.

Recent News

Paper Is a Design Choice In the beginning stages of your designing process, you should focus on choosing paper first. Choosing the right paper to use for your promotional material might sound like a no-brainer, but it’s one of the most important details in your design. [ read more ]

Calendars as A Marketing Tool Keeping your service, product or brand name in sight of your customers is a major goal for businesses. If you can keep yourself in the front of your customer’s mind, they’ll use you more. Right? Well, that’s what we think, anyways. [ read more ]

Becoming a Customer Service Pro Unless your company is a powerhouse, or the first in its field, you need more than a flawless product to be successful. The better half of any business is customer service. And we’re not just talking good customer service, we’re talking great customer service.  [ read more ]




“We had a quick, unplanned project with a hard deadline. We got a favorable response from SPC. They wanted us to be successful and to be a partner in that success. The end result was a beautiful piece; it didn’t cost any more and we had a much better product.”  Gloria Bruce, Lyndon Institute, Lyndon Center, VT